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Services Offered by Document Genie Ltd.

Invitation Letters For VISA.

Sending an Invitation letter for SUPER VISA, VISITORS VISA or any other VISA ?

Invitation Letters for Super Visa, Visitors’ Visas, and Letters of Invitation for a Canadian Visit Visa can be services by Commissioner for Oaths. Contact for quick hassle free service. 

Statutory Declaration Of Common Law Union.

If you need to complete IMM 5409.

What is Form IMM 5409?
The Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union, Form IMM 5409, is used by people who wish to claim their common-law partner in their immigration applications.

Administering Oaths and Affirmations.

We can Help you complete these documents.

Oaths and affirmations are both solemn promises of truthfulness made by either a signer, a witness, or a new office-holder.

Taking Affidavits

We can Help you to complete your Affidavits.

An affidavit is a declaration or statement of facts, confirmed by the oath of the party making the affidavit. It is taken before a person having authority to administer such an Oath.

Damaged or Lost Passport Declarations.

We can Help you with these Declarations.

Passport Canada concisely outlines the steps you must go through to replace a stolen, damaged, lost or destroyed passport, In addition to reporting a lost or stolen passport immediately.

Authentication of Documents.

No Worries, we can do this too.

Governments and organizations sometimes require that documents be authenticated before they will accept them. The Commissioner of Oaths will take care of certifying, signing and sealing your document.

Receive Declarations.

You would need these documents in routine.

Examples for statutory declarations are Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity, Statutory Declaration of Marital Status or Common-Law union, Etc.

Re-swearing of Affidavits.

In the rare cases where Re-Swearing is required.

We are Commissioner For Oaths in Edmonton Alberta, Commissioner of Oaths Edmonton AB, Mobile Notary Edmonton, Notary Edmonton Alberta Oaths Edmonton Alberta.

Applying for Marriage Documents.

If you are applying for a Marriage Certificate in Alberta.

When completing DVS11165M for obtaining Marriage Documents. We can service those documents for submission to any Registry in Alberta.

Applying for a Birth Certificate.

If you are applying for a Birth Certificate in Alberta.

When completing DVS11163B for obtaining Birth Documents . We can service these documents for submission to any Registry in Alberta.

Drafting any of your document.

We can help if you need to type what is required.

We can help you if you need to type the document, leave the hassle to us, Just dictate the matter, Provide details and we would provide you with the copy of dictated documents in minutes. We can also provide you with an additional spare copy for your future reference and record.

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